About Counselling

Counselling can offer you a safe and confidential space where you can speak freely and without fear of being judged. Counsellors are trained to help you gain awareness and insight of your issues. This can help you identify your options and, if it's right for you, to enable you to resolve problems, improve your relationships and make important changes in your life.

Counselling is not about giving you advice or making decisions for you, but about getting the right support for you at a difficult time, so that you can take control of your life.

Counselling can help you sort out what your feelings are and what's important for you.

How I work

My work with you will be based on the Person Centred principles of showing acceptance and a non-judgemental understanding of your situation and I hope you will find this gentle and supportive. It will be based on respect for you as an individual and a belief that you will know what's best for you, even though you may not be aware of this. I will work with you to find your own strengths and inner resources.

My training was an integrative counselling approach, so I may also draw upon other approaches to suit your needs:

  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to explore with you the way your thinking affects how you feel and how you may experience the world as a result.
  • the psychodynamic model to help you make sense of what's happened in the past.
  • solution-focussed counselling in order to help you look forward, and find strategies for the future.

The key to my approach is my belief that you know what's best for you, and I will work with you to develop your own inner resources.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you and to arrange an appointment, please feel free to call or email.

Juliet Pearce Counselling & Psychotherapy in Gloucestershire


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