Privacy policy

How I collect your information

  • I collect your contact information from initial email or telephone contact and from our first counselling session.

  • Personal information given by you in sessions may be included in hand written notes. 

How I store your information

  • I do not store your information electronically, other than the content of emails.

  • I do not add you to any electronic contact list on my phone or computer or externally on cloud storage. 

  • Contact information is kept in a hand written diary/address book.

  • I make handwritten notes after each session and these are stored separately from the contact information in a locked filing cabinet. These notes are identified only with your initials, they do not bear your name.

How I dispose of your information

  • I delete any emails or texts, from or to you, as soon as appropriate but no later than at the end of our counselling.
  • I destroy contact information within a year of our counselling ending.
  • For insurance purposes, I am obliged to keep session notes for five years from the end of our counselling. After this time they are destroyed.
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